Why Education Is The Most Powerful Weapon In Life

Human birth is a miracle as the fetus takes nine months to grow into a baby and breathes life in this world but this birth will not have any meaning if one is not given an education. In the current generation, education has become mere rote learning, achieving marks and medals. It is much more than sticking information to our memory and spitting it on an exam paper. It is not just about filling places in schools, colleges or universities and enjoy convocations but more to do with enlightening our minds and souls. It has to do with learning that helps in realizing our role in developing the communities that we live in, treating people equally, with dignity and bringing the best from both ourselves and the people around us.

In simple terms, education is gaining knowledge that helps us to apply it in our real life situations, make life easier and the world a better and safer place to live. In the initial years of life, school curriculum includes more than one subject that helps in training young minds to know the past, understand the present and pave promising future. Children are made to learn mathematical, computer and creative skills while ensuring that they are taught science, history and languages. Each subject has its own importance in early years of life as they form strong filmywap foundation and help students to pick their careers or rather meaning to their lives and in turn support themselves, their immediate families, nation and fellow humans.

Importance of Education:

  1. It helps us to brainstorm the implications or repercussions of our actions beforehand and help us to take right decisions that not only benefit us but also people around us.
  2. It helps us to make independent and wise decisions instead of getting carried away by the masses or influential people.
  3. It helps in bringing revolutionary solutions to a lot of problems such as inventing vaccines for plagues, efficient machines to improve production, safe and powerful medicines for crops, better and effective cultivation methods, use of renewable energy sources and the list simply goes on and on.
  4. It helps us understand our role in building our nation, voting for the right people to form government and stop discriminating fellow humans.
  5. It basically helps us to run our own homes, be financially independent, bring up our children with moral values, do our own math while paying for things, or buying a home or vehicle.

Hence education is a powerful weapon in everyone’s life as it helps one to be liberated and not be a slave of ignorance. Education should not be limited to a classroom training but knowledge can be imbibed and imparted from any experience. People should be prepared and open for 360¬†degree learning from all the possible sources. It should not be limited to age either as history has it that learning can take place at any age as long as the zeal exists. Younger generation must never be deprived¬†of basic right to education as it could cripple an entire nation.


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