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My apologies for the site having been down, it was unavoidable. My domain expired and I couldn’t afford to renew it till now. If anyone would like to make a donation to keep the site on, please feel free to go to this page Donate. Also I wanted to let you know we finally have a Twitter page. It is Richard Madden Online On Twitter. I’m going to hope to get some updates on here soon. Please stay tuned.

I’m working on getting Richard’s screencaps up for LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER for you. It was a wonderful production and the quality was just incredible. To me this is the definitive version. Yeah, I loved Nicholas Clay as Mellors, but I’d have to say the 1981 version could be considered a bit of a soft-core porn version considering the role of Lady Chatterley was played by Sylvia Krystle. I admit I haven’t seen the 90s version starring Richard’s GAME OF THRONES papa Sean Bean, but I’ll endeavour to seeking that one out to compare. Richard did go on record as saying he deliberately didn’t see it so he could play his version of Mellors with an unjaundiced eye, which is good. I have to say though I am very impressed with Richard more and more each time I see him. He’s proving yet again why I created this site to him. Thank you Richard. I must say that Holliday Grainger is a revelation. I am looking to see some of her other work.

Onto some other news. I’ve been contacted by many people asking when I’m going to get the rest of Richard’s work from GAME OF THRONES where he played our King of the North, Robb Stark up in the gallery. I’m saying, please be patient. I’ve got them completed in terms of capped up, but not edited. That does take some time. It’s just the “getting-to-it” that’s the key. I have several other sites I’m tending to, hence the Ex Libris (My Library) in the sidebar, plus the recent death of my mother so I’ve got a lot to do in my private life. I’m also trying to get a site I have dedicated to Richard’s GAME OF THRONES co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau updated. But to let you know I have many event images plus photoshoots of Richard to post to the gallery, and many other things of Richard’s work plus some magazine scans. Anyway, there is the state of the art as far as this site is concerned. I want to thank everyone who is coming to visit and to those who have passed on their comments to me via email. All have been taken into consideration and I’m hoping to address the many issues you had in the very near future.

To start things off we have a new layout. I hope you like the new and revamped RMO :: RICHARD MADDEN ONLINE. I know I do. I little more theatrical and crisp. I’ve been working on it for a couple of days and I’m finally satisfied with it. This will be up for a while, I hope. I also think it’s a little more sophisticated as Richard is.