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So here’s the good news. MEDICI: MASTERS OF FLORENCE has been renewed for season two, however, the bad news is I’m not sure how much of a role Richard will have in it. According to the official website, season two will focus in on Cosimo’s grandson, Lorenzo. More after the cut.

The episodes are 60 minutes long, and both season 1 and season 2 (not yet filmed) will have 8 episodes each. Season 1 is focusing on the rise of the Medici, with the protagonists being Giovanni (1360-1429, Dustin Hoffman) and his son Cosimo (1389-1464, Richard Madden). Season 2 will focus on the life of Lorenzo, grandson of Cosimo.


I’ll keep track of the news regarding Richard’s role and keep you posted when I know more.

I am in the process of working on Richard’s series MEDICI: MASTERS OF FLORENCE where Richard plays the part of Cosimo DiMedici, one of the richest men of Italy during the Renaissance (14th Century-17th Century ACE – after common era). I’m hoping to have all eight episodes up by the end of the week. I’m currently working on Richard’s GAME OF THRONES co-star Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (Jaime Lannister) updating magazine scans and such in advance of the season seven premiere in July, but in between I’m screencapping Richard. In the meantime I want to bring you the opening credit song from MEDICI: MASTERS OF FLORENCE composed by Paolo Buonvino and Skin. The piece is called Renaissance and it is a haunting song as it fits in well with the historical themes. Please enjoy. I’m also including the lyrics for you.



Sometimes I justify the words I spew
Like spitting ambers they spoke and kill
Outside my troubles are colder

But in these eyes the melody smolders
I know the whispers they hurt sometimes
They swell and fracture my view of light
But can’t you see the sanity in my epiphany
Let me cure these blackened hearts

Let me show you one last time
Let me show you one last sign
You can find it
I can say that I can change the world
But if you let me
I can make another world for us
Let me suffer all for you
Make this vision all brand new
We can fight them
I can say that I can win it all
Come with me and I will make my world stand tall
Let me do this

Simplicitate cordis quaerite illum quoniam
Invenitur ab his qui non tentant illum

I’m here for all to see
In my bones there’s dignity
I will fight them
I can say that I can change the world
But if you let me I can change the world for us
Come with me and

Make this vision all brand new
We can fight them

I can say that I can win it all
Come with me and I will make my world stand tall
Let me do this

I am here
To rejoice
To revenge
To resolve
To be longed for
To be longed for
I am here (If you want this)
To rejoice (If you want this)
To revenge
To resolve
To be longed for
To be longed for
I am here
I am here

Sometimes I justify the words I spew
Like secret angels they test your will
Outside my troubles are over
But in your eyes the melody is frozen.

I thought I’d go live with the new layout I’ve created since I’ll be working on the gallery next. I was thinking of getting this up for Richard’s birthday on the 18th of June, but since it’s done I thought now is better than any. So I hope you like the new layout. I’m also in the process of getting a press section up and running, plus a ton of new scans up in the gallery. I also have Richard’s final season of GAME OF THRONES as Robb Stark. I’m also working on OASIS, MEDICI: MASTERS OF FLORENCE, and BASTILLE DAY, so a ton of things going on right now. Keep yer peepers posted on this space.

Finally some promotional work from the series. Here we have a poster of Richard as Cosimo Di Medici, with Dustin Hoffman playing his father, Giovanni. Enjoy. I know I did.


I know updates have been few and far between, but I’ve had a ton of computer problems I’ve had to deal with as well as some personal issues that I’ve had to get ironed out. Hopefully both are finally done…. I have two new events added to the gallery. The first is Richard attending an event thrown by his BASTILLE DAY co-star Idris Elba. The second is the premiere of Richard’s new show MEDICI that looks like it might be going by another title. I’ll have to check on that and then update throughout the site as I need to. Anyway, lots of Richard to keep your eyes satiated.

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I thought it would be interesting to give you a background perspective on the Medici Family. Here is a documentary I found on Youtube. In the documentary, researchers are given special permission to open the tombs of the family. Remember that Richard is playing the part of Cosimo DiMedici. Please enjoy.


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