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Welcome to RICHARD MADDEN ONLINE @ www.richardmadden.org an online resource dedicated to Scottish actor Richard Madden. Well known for his memorable portrayal of Robb Stark on the HBO series GAME OF THRONES Richard is just beginning to carve out a place for himself on the large and small screen post Robb Stark. Richard's other works include SIRENS, HOPE SPRINGS, BIRDSONG, BARMY AUNT BOOMERANG and in the groundbreaking Discovery series KLONDIKE. Richard is soon to be seen on the big screen in the films LONG NIGHTS SHORT MORNINGS, A PROMISE and the Kenneth Branagh directed fairy tale CINDERELLA. Please come along for the ride as Richard continues in his career and make RMO your one stop place for all things Richard Madden.
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Total Film May 2016 Press Scans :: “Bastille Day”
richard madden online    May 27, 2016    0 comments

New scans added to the gallery. This time an interview with Richard and his BASTILLE DAY co-star Idris Elba. I’ll copy below Richard’s part of the interview where he’s asked by TF about the film and about GAME OF THRONES.

  • [002] SCANS: TOTAL FILM MAY 2016


RICHARD MADDEN :: The Thrones star talks stunts, working with Idris Elba and training to be a pickpocket

How did you prepare to play a thief?
I practised a lot because we tried to make it all as believable as possible. I said to James [Watkins, director] when we first met: “It can’t just be magic. Anything I steal in the movie, any sleight of hand things I do, I want to actually do it.”

Describe your character…
He’s a street rat, a lone wolf type, but he’s got a wit and a comedy and a fastness about him. The character you see 10 scenes deep into the film is a very different to when you first see him. And then, 30 scenes into the film, you’re seeing someone different again.

How did you cope with the action scenes?
I did a lot of training. For about six weeks I’d go to a big studio in Ealing, and every day there’d be platforms 15 feet high on different levels and I’d be chased on them. So I’d be jumping, running, swinging, diving under things, kicking down things, punching people…

How has it been working with Idris?
On the first few days on set, we were doing a scene in a car and I just started to fuck about, improvising between takes, and then I’m improvising during the takes and we started to have this really great rapport. We finished that and thought, “If the film’s like this, then we could have something really good on our hands”.

How does this differ from your previous roles?
It’s good to be out of period clothes. It’s really good to not be on a horse. It’s really great to just be playing a modern part. It’s much harder to improvise with period language. When it’s modern, we can play and we’re constantly working to try to make it really interesting. ML

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Richard Talks About “Game of Thrones” & Kit Harington’s Secret
richard madden online    May 12, 2016    0 comments

A new article on Richard for his film BASTILLE DAY also starring Idris Elba. Richard also talks about putting Robb Stark to rest and about the secret his former GAME OF THRONES brother Kit Harington (Jon Snow) had to keep from the end of season five to the beginning of season six. I think it’s safe to say now it has to do with a certain resurrection. I know for me it’s nice to know the Starks aren’t being wiped out. Though if R+L=J is true, then that “J” isn’t a true Stark. I’m truly hoping that GAME OF THRONES incorporates Robb’s will into the story thereby legitimizing Jon as a Stark and allowing him to take back Winterfell. Anyway that’s the hope. Speaking of Kit, please check out our affiliate in Kit Harington France under the Affiliates title in the sidebar.

Richard Madden comes to terms with his Game of Thrones death and moves on to Bastille Day

RICHARD Madden’s time on Game of Thrones may be over, but the way his character went out will live on in infamy.

Madden was Robb Stark, born leader and eldest son of Ned Stark who became King in the North after his father’s beheading … only to suffer a similar fate when he was betrayed and stabbed in the heart at the notorious Red Wedding.

Though Madden still can’t help but mutter “terrible” at the memory of enacting Robb’s demise, the actor by no means wishes he’d survived.

“I don’t miss him. I took him to the end of where his story was going to go. That was the right point for him to die,” says the young Scotsman.

“And the good thing is he’s properly dead. There’s no question of whether he’ll come back or not. I mean, I’m really, really, really dead.”

Madden’s definitive on-screen death stands in contrast to that of Robb’s half-brother Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington. Before season six premiered last month, Harington had to endure months of speculation: He’s still got Jon Snow hair! He’s been spotted in Dublin!

“Oh god, no,” moans Madden. “I mean … poor Kit.”

Madden gave a good five years of his life to Game Of Thrones. He entered Westeros aged 22 and “came out the other end as an adult”. He saw many reflections between himself, “having to take a lot of this responsibility in different things as they were thrown at me,” and Robb, “a young man who had to grow up quite quickly”.

While Game Of Thrones got him in the room with the likes of Kenneth Branagh (who cast Madden as the charming Prince in last year’s Cinderella), his biggest challenge since leaving the series has been knowing how to make the most of those opportunities: “It’s trying to work out what’s going to be the most interesting path and what I’m most excited by.”

The one thing he knows for sure is that he always wants the next thing to be “completely different” from the last. Which is how he went from Cinderella to Bastille Day, a Taken-style action film with a youthful edge set in Paris and co-starring Idris Elba and Charlotte Le Bon.

Quips Madden: “It was just nice to be in jeans and not white skin-tight leggings for a change.”

Madden plays Michael, a young American pickpocket in Paris who one day picks the wrong pocket: upon discarding a stolen bag, it explodes, killing four people and painting Michael a terrorist suspect.

Captured by Elba’s CIA Agent Briar, the pair unite to figure out the real terrorists and their intended target, stumbling into a conspiracy with roots far beyond Le Bon’s ragtag activist group.

“Michael’s lack of morals appealed to me, which is a funny thing to say,” Madden laughs. “He doesn’t care about anyone or anything, apart from himself. And that puts him in a place of being able to do what he likes. And he does. I found that combination of not having any direction but still having a drive really interesting.”

When Michael finds himself way out of his depth, it’s the gruff ’n’ tumble Agent Briar who keeps him afloat.

Madden laughs that he and Elba are “chalk and cheese as actors … I don’t think we’d be cast in the same roles”. But the duo quickly built a great rapport based on “taking the piss out of each other”.

Madden is absolutely certain that Elba — star of Prometheus, Pacific Rim and TV series Luther — could foil a terrorist plot or stop a bank heist single-handedly in real life, too.

“His action stuff is brilliant in the film. I trained with him and watched him rehearse these things and he did them all and did them really, really well. I wouldn’t want to fight Idris.”

The odd couple’s training included an ever-changing “assault course” the stunt team would have them run through.

“That’s where I got my worst injury,” says Madden. “I jumped off a platform, was supposed to land on a roof and slide down it, but I cleared the roof and landed on my ankle — snapped that to one side. So that was a little trip to A&E which panicked everyone. But I was all right.”

Less hazardous but more illegal was Madden’s training in pickpocketing and sleight of hand with a guy called Keith the Thief.

“He does it professionally — as in, you know, a show. Though I think he did it maybe not-so-legally before,” Madden chuckles. “It gets quite addictive. I got quite good at stealing things from people’s pockets in the studio.”

Madden, who turns 30 next month, grew up in a small village west of Glasgow. He was barely a teenager when he made his screen debut in the BBC kids’ comedy series Barmy Aunt Boomerang, playing a kid with a kooky Australian aunt, who just so happens to be a ghost.

If Australia wants to take credit for that, Madden’s more than happy to give it to us.

“I can’t believe you’re mentioning that one. End of days!” he groans. “Yes, yes you can take all the credit for that — or the blame, as some people might say. Not my finest moment, but definitely my first moment.”

It’s not how a career begins, of course, it’s just that it does. And Madden — currently starring in Branagh’s West End stage production of Romeo and Juliet — is learning how to make the most of it.



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“Game of Thrones” Season Six Posters
richard madden online    March 29, 2016    0 comments

Richard has been featured on the new posters for GAME OF THRONES‘ season six debut in late April. His face, or rather that of Robb Stark, The King in the North, appears as one of the faces in the House of Black And White in Braavos where Aria (Maisie Williams) is currently being trained as a faceless one with Jaquen Hagar (Tom Wlaschiha). I recently posted a trailer for season six where you can clearly hear Robb’s voice in the promo. You can find that post here. Enjoy.




The North Remembers …..
richard madden online    March 29, 2016    2 comments

With GAME OF THRONES due to start season six in less than a month, I was doing some troweling on Youtube and found this excellent video showcasing the Stark family. Included are many scenes of Richard as the one and only King in the North, Robb Stark. The video shows many of Richard’s best scenes from his three seasons on the show. The ending is particularly gut wrenching. I hope you enjoy and remember our one and true King in the North, his lovely Queen Talisa played by the beautiful Oona Chaplin, and that hope that might have been Prince Eddard Stark.


I know this has bee out for a while, but I thought I’d post it here because it contains Richard’s voice and visage as Robb Stark, The King In The North from GAME OF THRONES‘ season six trailer. So nice to see the Starks finding their way back to prominence.


“Bastille Day” Trailer Released
richard madden online    February 17, 2016    0 comments

An amazing trailer has finally been released for Richard’s new film BASTILLE DAY. According to the official synopsis:

Idris Elba stars in high-octane action thriller Bastille Day – in cinemas April 22

Michael Mason (Richard Madden, Game Of Thrones) is an American pickpocket living in Paris who finds himself in the hands of the CIA when he steals a bag that contains more than just a wallet. Sean Briar (Idris Elba, Avengers: Age Of Ultron), the field agent on the case, soon realizes that Michael is just a pawn in a much bigger game and is also his best asset to uncover a large-scale criminal conspiracy in the heart of the police force.

Going against commands, Briar recruits Michael to help quickly track down the source of the corruption. As a 24hr chase ensues, the unlikely duo discover they are both targets and must rely upon each other in order to take down a common enemy.

This looks amazing. I’ll be buying my early tickets to be sure I get my seat. And may I say I love Idris Elba? I loved the “gun” comment. Too bad Robb Stark didn’t have one or an automatic weapon at The Red Wedding. Totally different outcome with those nasty Freys and those traitorous Boltons I think.

Bastille Day CHARACTERS FILM Game of Thrones Michael Mason RICHARD MADDEN Robb Stark TELEVISION

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