Does Movies Impact Society ?

Motion picture has seen a lot of change since its inception in 1800’s. It has moved from a series of pictures projected on a screen to one of the most exciting mode of entertainment using sophisticated technological developments that include computer graphics and digital effects. It has enormously grown into billions of dollars industry across the globe. Producers and film makers are investing a lot of time and money in picking the best scripts, actors and bringing revolutionary ideas closer to the masses. One of the most driving factors behind producing hundreds and thousands of movies every year is its impact on the audience.

Besides literature, film industry is the most influential form of mass media that goes across the world. Everyone is conscious about the fact that it is reel life yet knowingly or unknowingly get constantly influenced by it. Human minds tend to identify themselves with characters or situations in the cinemas. We tend to get involved in the story and would patiently wait for it to unfold. In almost all the movies, viewers feel psychologically attached so much that there are countries where fans worship film industry personnel and go head over heels for them. Now when it comes to know, How movies impact society?

  • Films have become the most influential platform in bringing cultural and lifestyle changes in any geographical location. To quote an example, audience find it trendy to spend huge amount of money on grand engagement rings and wedding gowns as they watch this happen in cinemas. There could be reverse impact as well and very few viewers follow it wherein filmmakers make it a point to convey the message by imposing the fact that big shiny rocks are not important to show love for each other.
  • Thanks to films as they helped in bringing women out of their kitchens and compete equally men. There are so many movies that showed importance of role of equal rights to women.
  • Cinemas have played crucial role in making gay marriages legal as they portrayed treating everyone fair and influence mindsets in accepting people as they are and accept their preferences.
  • Fast food, aerated drinks, designer clothes and branded jewelry have come into vogue through movies as actors endorse them and creative directors use their skills to ensure people spend their last penny on them.
  • In many countries, movies have helped in breaking taboos, unacceptable laws such as untouchability and caste system. They have shown importance of bringing reservation system for underprivileged.
  • Movies have brought to light the dark side of crime world, human trafficking, drug rackets and so on.

Human race as a whole gets easily by influenced by various things, emotions, scenarios and so on shown in motion pictures. Film industry has the ability to make the viewers stay glued to the screen for a good one to two hours and film makers do not leave any stone unturned to make it happen. A movie can make people laugh, cry and stressed depending on the genre and story.

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