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An airdate for LADY CHATTERLEY’S LOVER. The telefilm will air on 06 September 2015 on most of your BBC stations. I’m just going to have to find out when it’s going to air here in Canada. I do not want to miss this. Yeah likely Richard will be naked, but I don’t care. Ever since I saw Nicholas Clay in the 1981 version with Sylvia Kristel, this story has been a favourite of mine. Considering Richard is playing the gameskeeper, makes me giddy.

BBC’s Lady Chatterley drama to air September 6

Holliday Grainger plays Lady Chatterley with James Norton as her war-wounded husband Sir Clifford Chatterley and Richard Madden as gamekeeper Oliver Mellors, in the 90-minute drama which is also directed by Mercurio. “I’m hugely flattered that such a fabulously talented young cast will bring these iconic roles to life,” the writer and director declared.

Lady Chatterley’s Lover tells the story of the eponymous Lady, who, frustrated by her sexless marriage takes to walking the grounds of the family estate where she meets Mellors, the gamekeeper. The pair embark on a dangerous, torrid affair.

The original 1928 edition of the novel was censored in Britain for over 30 years because of sexual content deemed to be grossly immoral. Moreover, the book and its explicit content and language became the matter of a celebrated court case, which was itself the subject of a BBC drama in 2006.

The new version has been reconstructed into something “very much for the ladies, with Poldark-style topless scenes to keep the women of Britain swooning, “ according to The Telegraph.

Mercurio has not featured the language and sex scenes which outraged the citizenry at the time of the book’s publication, deciding to focus on the book’s inherent “emotion” instead. The battle for freedom of expression has already been won, making it no longer necessary to forge new ground in obscenity, the director revealed at an advance screening of the new drama.

Around eight million people watched a comparable entity, the BBC’s remake of Poldark earlier this year and similar audiences can be expected for Lady Chatterley’s Lover.

The BBC’s 1993 drama version was watched by 12 million people but the critics poured scorn. One critic described the sex scenes as a “ham-fisted assault” on the senses.

The new BBC One season of classic 20th century literature will also include Adrian Hodges’ adaptation of LP Hartley’s The Go-Between; Ben Vanstone’s adaptation of Laurie Lee’s memoir Cider With Rosie; and J B Priestley’s classic play, An Inspector Calls.


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