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Just like the title says, Disney is considering a live action Prince Charming film starring Richard as Prince Kit. The article to follow will explain it all. So read on.

“Prince Charming” Live-Action Movie: Richard Madden As The Titular Prince; Plot Focus On Charming’s Unlucky Brother

Amidst the numerous live-action take on the story of fairytale princesses, Disney reportedly plans to bring the life of Prince Charming, the most popular fairytale leading man, to the big screen, with “Cinderella” actor Richard Madden as the front-runner. However, the upcoming “Prince Charming” film will not be focusing on the titular prince but on his unlucky brother instead.

It looks like Disney has added another title to its growing list of live-action projects. The Hollywood Reporter claims that Disney has recently closed a deal for a live-action feature film centering the life of the iconic Prince Charming. The male royalty is generally known as the leading man in countless fairy tales -sometimes with a name of his own and sometimes literally named just as Prince Charming.

In “Cinderella”, that the prince is credited as ‘Charming’ while in “Sleeping Beauty”, he is merely known as ‘the Prince’. Although he has a first name of ‘Philipp’ in the 1959 film, it is noted that three more or less heroes have the same role and more likely share the same family name. “Game of Thrones” actor Richard Madden is known to have portrayed the character in the most recent live-action slate of the mouse house, “Cinderella”; and the internet rumor mill now suggests that the studio is considering the 29-year-old Scottish actor to reprise his role in the upcoming “Prince Charming” movie.

However, despite its title, the film will reportedly shift its focus to Charming’s unheard brother whom The Guardian cites to have “failed to embody the family name”. There is no confirmation yet about its plot but the script is reportedly penned by Matt Fogel of “Big Mommas: Like Father, Like Son”. Mandeville Films/TV’s Todd Lieberman and David Hobberman are also on board to produce the upcoming movie.

“Prince Charming” now joins Disney’s list of upcoming live-action films which includes the Emma Watson and Dan Steven-starrer “Beauty and the Beast” as well as the rumored new version of “Dumbo”, “Mulan”, “The Jungle Book”, “Pocahontas”, and the sequel of “Alice In Wonderland”.

Are you excited for Disney’s live-action take on the life of Prince Charming? Who do you think should play the role of the titular prince? Share us your thoughts through placing your comments below.


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