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Welcome to RICHARD MADDEN ONLINE @ www.richardmadden.org an online resource dedicated to Scottish actor Richard Madden. Well known for his memorable portrayal of Robb Stark on the HBO series GAME OF THRONES Richard is just beginning to carve out a place for himself on the large and small screen post Robb Stark. Richard's other works include SIRENS, HOPE SPRINGS, BIRDSONG, BARMY AUNT BOOMERANG and in the groundbreaking Discovery series KLONDIKE. Richard is soon to be seen on the big screen in the films LONG NIGHTS SHORT MORNINGS, A PROMISE and the Kenneth Branagh directed fairy tale CINDERELLA. Please come along for the ride as Richard continues in his career and make RMO your one stop place for all things Richard Madden.
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REMINDER :: Domain RICHARDMADDEN.ORG Coming Due 18 August 2016
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This is another reminder that the domain RICHARDMADDEN.ORG is coming up for renewal on 18 August 2016. At that point, this site will be going off the web until I can renew it on the 31st of August. If you would like to donate to keep the site online, please consider donating by using the button below to make that donation. Any amount would be accepted and you can do so via Paypal or credit card. Your payment will be confidential and safe. Thank you.


Richard Will Not Be Returning to “Romeo & Juliette”
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Media sources are reporting that Richard will not be returning to the role of Romeo in the Kenneth Branagh Theatre Company production of ROMEO & JULIETTE. If you remember both Richard and his understudy, Tom Hanson both suffered injuries as a result of one of the fight scenes. Richard unfortunately hasn’t recovered as quickly as he’d hoped. We here at RICHARD MADDEN ONLINE wish him the speediest recovery.

Richard Madden will not return to Kenneth Branagh’s Romeo and Juliet

Madden has not been able to recover from an ankle injury as quickly as hoped
Will Longman • London, West End • 3 Aug 2016

Last month, it was announced Freddie Fox would step in to share the role of Romeo with Madden after his understudy, Tom Hanson, also suffered a leg injury and was unable to perform.

However, Madden will no longer be able return to the production as his ankle has not healed as quickly as hoped. Whilst doctors have prescribed further rest, he is still expected to make a full recovery.

Fox will continue to play Romeo until the production closes on 13 August. He joined the play on 26 July following a 48 hour period of rehearsals.

Romeo and Juliet runs at the Garrick until 13 August.



Richard Has Pulled Out of “Romeo & Juliette” Due To Injury
richard madden online    July 21, 2016    0 comments

For those of you who follow Richard’s Twitter feed, you likely know he’s had to pull out of the Garrick Theatre production of ROMEO & JULIETTE due to an injury he sustained in the production. He apparently sprained his ankle and has to ice it four times a day.

‘Game Of Thrones’ Star Richard Madden Pulls Out Of Theatre Performance With ‘Injury’

Richard Madden’s many fans were disappointed last night to miss the former ‘Game of Thrones’ star on stage in ‘Romeo and Juliet’.

Richard was forced to pull out of Kenneth Branagh’s production at London’s Garrick Theatre, “due to indisposition”.

The Mirror reported that the actor, who played Robb Stark previously on ‘Game of Thrones’, had been injured. His absence follows his sharing a picture on social media of his ankle on ice, and revealing that he was forced to perform with a “f***ed ankle”.

He wrote: ”Still buzzing from last night. What an amazing thing to have been part of. My ankle has now got me in a world of pain but totally worth it!”

His most recent update came a week ago, when he wrote that he wasn’t having any fun, with his leg shaved up to the knee. He said:

The actor was also touched by a picture of his fellow cast and crew sharing a picture of them all putting their ankle in ice, in sympathy with Richard who tweeted:

“I have to ice my ankle 4 times a day. This is what the company just sent me. Finest people I’ve ever met. Love.”

No word yet on how long Richard will be out of action.

‘Downton Abbey’ and ‘War and Peace’ star Lily James co-stars as Juliet in the production, with Derek Jacobi and Meera Syal also in lead roles. The show is set to run until 13 August.



Happy 30th Birthday Richard
richard madden online    June 18, 2016    1 comment

On behalf of RMO :: RICHARD MADDEN ONLINE, I’d like to take this time to wish Richard the happiest of birthdays. Today he turns a ripe, young 30 years on this planet. It is with my sincere wish that Richard is spending the day with those he loves and with as much love as he can get. He deserves it.


New Event Images
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I’ve some new event images of Richard for you, on this day before his birthday. Please enjoy and think of Richard and that tomorrow he’ll be a ripe, young thirty. Yes, our little boy is growing up.

  • [021] EVENT IMAGES: 11/14/2015 – 9th Roma Fiction Fest – Day Four
  • [004] EVENT IMAGES: 02/20/2016 – Mr. Porter Fifth Birthday Celebration
  • [019] EVENT IMAGES: 05/25/2016 – “Romeo And Juliet” – Press Night – After Party
  • [003] EVENT IMAGES: 05/27/2016 – London Celebrity Sightings


Total Film May 2016 Press Scans :: “Bastille Day”
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New scans added to the gallery. This time an interview with Richard and his BASTILLE DAY co-star Idris Elba. I’ll copy below Richard’s part of the interview where he’s asked by TF about the film and about GAME OF THRONES.

  • [002] SCANS: TOTAL FILM MAY 2016


RICHARD MADDEN :: The Thrones star talks stunts, working with Idris Elba and training to be a pickpocket

How did you prepare to play a thief?
I practised a lot because we tried to make it all as believable as possible. I said to James [Watkins, director] when we first met: “It can’t just be magic. Anything I steal in the movie, any sleight of hand things I do, I want to actually do it.”

Describe your character…
He’s a street rat, a lone wolf type, but he’s got a wit and a comedy and a fastness about him. The character you see 10 scenes deep into the film is a very different to when you first see him. And then, 30 scenes into the film, you’re seeing someone different again.

How did you cope with the action scenes?
I did a lot of training. For about six weeks I’d go to a big studio in Ealing, and every day there’d be platforms 15 feet high on different levels and I’d be chased on them. So I’d be jumping, running, swinging, diving under things, kicking down things, punching people…

How has it been working with Idris?
On the first few days on set, we were doing a scene in a car and I just started to fuck about, improvising between takes, and then I’m improvising during the takes and we started to have this really great rapport. We finished that and thought, “If the film’s like this, then we could have something really good on our hands”.

How does this differ from your previous roles?
It’s good to be out of period clothes. It’s really good to not be on a horse. It’s really great to just be playing a modern part. It’s much harder to improvise with period language. When it’s modern, we can play and we’re constantly working to try to make it really interesting. ML

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